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Printable Order Form for "mail order"
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Thank you for your interest in our music. The mail order forms are available in PDF files and HTML. Select the form according to your location and click on the link to view the form you would like to print out.

Your location
Paying method
Cheque or/ou money order
Cheque or/ou money order
France and Germany, and all Euro zones
Cheque or/ou money order
All other countries
Money order only or direct on line order

For mail-order, Please don't send cash by post. Note that For customers from Canada, USA, France and Germany, standard cheques are also acceptable. For all other countries, only money order is acceptable (or directly using on line order). You may get a money order from any bank or financial institution, made payable to Liu Fang. When using money order, please make sure it is "internationally negotiable". Send this form and the Money Order (or cheque) by post at the address indicated in the printed form. We shall send you the ordered CDs immediately after hacing received your order. We use airmail for sending of the ordered CDs, which should be received within one to two weeks. When you send off your letter, please inform us by email:

Thank you for your interest in Liu Fang's music.

New: On-line order available nowOn-line order On-line order is avaialble now for custumers from all over the world!

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